Disappointing Reads #4

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One of the worst feelings as a book lover is when you have such high hopes for a book, and it ends up being disappointing.  This series documents the books that have disappointed me; it can either act as a warning or even pique your interest in a new read.

Disappointing Reads 4 - Don't Bend the Spine, UK Book Blog

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes | The Colour of Shadows by Phyllida Shrimpton | Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (& Other Lies) by Scarlett Curtis

Like the rest of the Netflix-watching population, I watched You over the Christmas break.  Couldn’t SOMEONE have bought Beck some curtains…?  I re-read the book a few weeks after watching the series, as I couldn’t quite remember the original plot.  After I finished reading You, I realised that I never got round to reading the sequel Hidden Bodies, so I trotted off to my local library to pick up a copy.  Hidden Bodies picks up where You left off, and Joe is off to the bright lights of Hollywood in pursuit of his new girlfriend, who has conned him out of a lot of money.  Even though Joe is such a unique, unforgettable character, Hidden Bodies was disappointing.  For one thing, it was FAR too long.  The story also didn’t have the believability or spark that You had, and I thought some aspects of the plot were downright ridiculous.  I kept on reading in the hope it would pull something out of the bag, but overall it was pretty mediocre.  What a shame.

I read Phyllida’s debut novel Sunflowers in February last year and thought it was an okay debut, not perfect but also not terrible.   Thanks to Readers First, I won a free copy of her second novel, The Colour of Shadows.   Oh my days, I really didn’t enjoy this book and I don’t have many good things to say about it, to be brutally honest.  If I wasn’t required to write a small review on it for the Readers First website, I would have DNF’d this book after a few chapters, which I never do.  Seriously.  I personally feel that this book could have benefitted from a lot more editing, and perhaps beta readers could have been used to advise on areas of improvement before publication.  There is an important message in the book somewhere(!) about teenage homelessness but it wasn’t executed as well as it could have been done.    Argh!

Finally, a book that I was so excited for but actually ended up disappointing me was Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (& Other Lies).  When this book first came out I used to go into Waterstones to stare at it, trying to find an excuse to hand over my hard-earned £12.99.  Luckily for me, it went down to 99p on the Kindle store and I snapped it up straight away.   Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (& Other Lies) is a collection of essays and poetry regarding feminism from over 50 influential women, such as Keira Knightley, Emma Watson and Jameela Jamil.  Unfortunately, this book was a bit hit and miss for me, with more misses than hits.  Even after reading the book I am still not sure who the target audience is, as there were times it felt it was addressing a young age group, and then it switched to being aimed at older women.  As a basic introduction to feminism, the book is fine, but if you’re like me and you’ve read quite a few books on the subject, it offers nothing new.  There were some great pieces of writing in the book, in particularly Keira Knightley’s, but there were a lot of other pieces that felt rather rushed and dare I say, unfinished.  I applaud the range of diverse voices who contributed but this book could have been so much better than what it actually was.   Sigh.

What was the last book that disappointed you?

Daniella x

11th March 2019
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    Very much agree with both Hidden Bodies and Feminists don’t wear Pink! Keira’s piece was beautiful though.

    11th March 2019 at 8:50 pm
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