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Hello!  Welcome to Don’t Bend the Spine, a UK book blog.


If you are reading this, you probably know me already from my other blog, Famous in Japan.   However, if you do not know me and have simply stumbled upon this blog looking for advice on a broken spine, I am Daniella (if you have a broken spine you need to go to hospital like, now).   I’m 24 years old and I live in Yorkshire.

I’ve been blogging since 2010ish; my original blog Famous in Japan began life as a blog that focused on beauty and Japanese sweets.   However, over the years my interests (and priorities) changed.  The beauty reviews decreased and the book reviews increased.  Whilst I enjoyed reading books and writing reviews, I could tell that a good chunk of my ‘core’ audience followed me for my beauty reviews, and not my book posts.  Whilst I enjoyed meeting new bookworms through my reviews, I lost a lot of those ‘core’ followers.  Even though I could understand their reasons for unfollowing, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t knock my confidence in my writing.

The idea for a dedicated book blog had been circling around in my mind for a while. Every time I finished reading a book, my thoughts were “I wish I could talk to someone about this”.    I think I drove my boyfriend Sam and my friend Chelsea mad with the constant “should I / shouldn’t I” questions!    After coming up with the name “Don’t Bend the Spine“,  I decided to bite the bullet and do it.  I bought the domain, I set up the hosting and I installed a theme.  The biggest source of worry for me has been actually launching this blog, and I have spent hours mentally drafting this blog post.   (In case you were wondering, I absolutely hate bending the spine of books.  If you do this to books, let me know before you borrow any of mine so I can mentally prepare myself).

So what can you expect to find on Don’t Bend the Spine?  The aim of this game is to chat about books, books and even more books.  I want to continue my book reviews, but I would also like to do general posts, such as Re-Reading Childhood Favourites, Library Loans and My Top 10 Books of the Year.  I am also hoping to feature news about upcoming books, author interviews, giveaways and anything else book related.  I would be incredibly happy if this blog was somewhere a person could come if they were looking for a new read.

The idea of a whole new blog has made me excited and nervous in equal measure.  Maybe this blog will be a huge failure, and it will simply slip away into the abyss of forgotten and deleted blogs.  Maybe it will be an absolute roaring success and everyone in the country will visit to this blog to find out what I thought of THAT new book release.  Who knows? Let’s call it Schrodinger’s blog.

I think I have covered everything, from why I set up a new blog to what I hope to achieve with it.  However, if you have any questions, tweet me or email me.  I would love any feedback on what you think I do well, or what you think I could do better.   In order for me to keep things strictly book related,  I’ve set up a new Twitter account @dbtsblog.  However, if you like my retweets of memes I will still be active on @famousinjapan.

Now then, what’s everyone reading?

Daniella x


27th November 2017
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