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I’ll be honest, I couldn’t think of a catchy name for this blog post, and with my book buying habits, for a potential blog series.  Suggestions are welcome!

I buy a lot of books, and I enjoy seeing what books other people have bought (as it gives me ideas as to what book to buy next!). I thought that I would share the books I have recently bought, or been given, for those who are looking for a new read.

Fifteen-year-old Muzna Saleem is used to being invisible. So no one is more surprised than her when Arif Malik, the hottest boy in school, takes a sudden interest.  But Arif is hiding a terrible secret and, as they begin to follow a dark path, Muzna faces an impossible choice: keep quiet and betray her beliefs, or speak out and betray her heart.

Even though I am trying not to buy books until I’ve got a handle on my towering to be read pile, I couldn’t resist picking up I Am Thunder by Muhammad Khan.  If there is one book to get excited about this year, it’s this one.  With heavy themes of radicalism and Islamaphobia, I can’t wait to read this book.

Best friend, soulmate, confidante . . . backstabber.  Amy thought she knew everything there was to know about her best friend Melissa. Then again, Amy also thought she was on the verge of the wedding of her dreams to her long-distance fiancé.  Until she pays a surprise trip home to London. Jack is out, but it’s clear another woman has been making herself at home in their flat.  There’s something about her stuff that feels oddly familiar . . . and then it hits Amy. The Other Woman is Melissa.  Amy has lost her home, her fiancé and her best friend in one disastrous weekend – but instead of falling apart, she’s determined to get her own back.  Piecing her life back together won’t be half as fun as dismantling theirs, after all.

Thanks to a Twitter giveaway by the amazing Jess Hearts Books I now have a copy of Faking Friends by Jane Fallon.   I enjoy women’s fiction, and this tale of revenge sounds right up my street.

Prentisstown isn’t like other towns. Everyone can hear everyone else’s thoughts in a constant, overwhelming Noise. There is no privacy. There are no secrets. Then Todd Hewitt unexpectedly stumbles on a spot of complete silence. Which is impossible. And now he’s going to have to run…

As per my Reading Resolutions for 2018, the Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness is one that I MUST read in 2018.  A day after the #UKYA Chat, where I was convinced multiple times I needed to read the series, I saw a copy of the first book, The Knife of Never Letting Go, available in my local charity shop.  Fate? I think so.

Nate and his mother are running away, hiding out in a dilapidated cottage in the middle of a dark forest. When Mum heads off for provisions, and then doesn’t return, Nate is left alone and afraid. But comfort can come from the most unexpected of places – a mysterious girl trying to solve a treasure hunt and the reappearance of an old friend.

After enjoying Lisa Thompson’s first novel, The Goldfish Boy, I couldn’t wait for her second novel The Light Jar.  I admired the way Lisa handled the difficult topic of OCD in The Goldfish Boy, and my understanding is that The Light Jar is of a similar nature.

Finally, when I spotted the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for £2.99 on a website that sells books (thank youuuu pricing error!), I knew I had to get it.  £2.99!  What a steal.   However, I’m now going to spend a bit more than £2.99 as I definitely HAVE to get the Philosopher’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets versions.  The illustrations are b e a uuuuutiful.

In terms of Kindle books, I’ve been very good this month and I have only bought one book: How To be Champion by Sarah Millican.  I couldn’t resist picking this up in the Kindle Daily Deal, seeing as the hardback retails for £7+.  I am very fortunate that I can access the e-book service my local library offers, so I have been able to read some new releases via the library rather than buying them outright.

What is new on your bookshelf?

Daniella x


31st January 2018
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