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I cannot believe that the last time I joined in SixForSunday was in December 2018.  Crikey, I did not realise how much I had been neglecting my blog.  Once I have this particular module at college done and dusted, I’ll be blogging again.  My soul needs me to write about something that isn’t related to recruitment.   This week’s SixForSunday topic is one that I have been mulling over these past few weeks; the books that I read in 2018 that I’d like to re-read.

I love Holly Bourne, and I could quite happily re-read all of her books regularly.  At the top of my list to re-read is Holly’s debut adult fiction novel, How Do You Like Me Now?  I’m now approaching my late twenties, and I am beginning to freak out, just a little bit.  I need to read a story that reassures me that it’s okay to not have everything figured out, and Tori Bailey’s story is exactly what I need.  Who knows, I might even be able to write a full review of this after reading.

Whilst I wait for Karen Gregory’s third book to be published later on this year, I’ll be re-reading her second novel, Skylarks.  It was one of my earliest 5* reads of 2018.   I absoutely loved Joni’s story and I desperately want to relive it all over again.  My feels. 

I was not alone in being excited to read the first instalment in the Pages and Co series, Tilly and the Bookwanders by Anna James.  Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  With the second book being published later on this year, I will be re-reading the first book to remind myself of the story so far.  I will also inevitably sulk once more that I can’t wander into the books I am reading.

Another author that I love is Keris Stainton, and I read her last YA book, My Heart Goes Bang within a few hours of publication day.  But can I remember what happened…?  Nope.  I think that on this occasion, I might have read it a bit too quickly.  I am hoping to read it again, albeit a bit slower this time.

A book that I have been telling everyone to read is Vox by Christina Dalcher.  In a world where women are limited to 100 words per day, how can you fight back? Whilst it has understandably attracted comparisons to The Handmaid’s Tale, I feel it can stand on its own merits, and I will be re-reading this again soon.

Finally, a book that I want to re-read is A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G Drews.  This is a book that I do remember reading, but I want to refresh my memory so I can give the book and its author a bit of support through a small review on sites like Amazon, GoodReads etc.

What books do you want to re-read?

Daniella x

12th May 2019
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