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It feels like its been ages since I participated in Top Ten Tuesday.  What am I like?  Let’s remedy that, pronto!  Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly series hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl.  This week’s prompt was a “freebie”, meaning we could come up with any topic as long as it was related to school or education.  For my topic, I have chosen the ‘Non-Fiction Books I Want to Read’.  

I bought a hardback copy of The War on Women by Sue Lloyd-Roberts a year or two ago as a birthday treat, but I have yet to read it.   Sue was the UK’s first female video-journalist, and she had a keen interest in human rights issues.  The War on Women does not shy away from discussing some of the horrors that have been committed against women in the past and continue to be committed in the present.

Fun fact: I was one of the original Kickstarter backers for the Nasty Women Anthologyit’s got my name in the back!  This set of essays covers a wide range of topics such as assault, pregnancy and identity in the Trump era.  It features a number of contributors, such as author Laura Lam and Laura Jane Grace of the band, Against Me!

Thanks to Twitter, I discovered Death in 10 Minutes by Fern Riddell.  After discovering the personal diaries of Kitty Marion, Dr Riddell was determined to share Kitty’s stories of Suffragette militancy.  I could have danced for joy when I saw the hardback available in my local library, and this is a book I am very excited to read.

A book I am hoping to read after publishing this blog post is Deeds Not Words by Helen Pankhurst.  Dr Pankhurst is visiting Yorkshire this week to give a talk on women’s rights, and yes, I have already got my ticket.   Deeds Not Words looks at how women’s lives have changed in 100 years, from winning the right to vote to the modern day.

I have read Everyday Sexism and Girl Up, so it’s only the natural step to read Misogynation by Laura Bates.  Misogynation is a collection of essays that will no doubt depress me and inspire me at the same time.

I mentioned Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay on the blog in my recent SixForSunday blog post, but I cannot stress enough how much I want to read this iconic book.   I MUST borrow it from the library the next time I go!

Another book I want to read is Hunger by Roxane Gay.  More personal than Bad Feminist, Hunger is a frank and brutally honest account of Roxane’s battle with her body image and weight.

A birthday present from my bae ChelseaMen Explain Things To Me by Rebecca Solnit has been sitting on my TBR for quite some time *guilty face*.   It shouldn’t take me too long to read this small collection of essays, as it’s a very slim and small book.  I might try to read it by the end of the month… 

After I read (and very much enjoyed) This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay, I went on the hunt for more medical memoirs.  Your Life in My Hands by Rachel Clarke popped up on my Amazon recommendations, and I quickly added it to my wishlist.  Thanks to some gift vouchers, I purchased the Kindle version.

Finally, a book that I can’t stop seeing everywhere I go is I Am, I Am, I Am by Maggie O’Farrell.  A memoir of Maggie’s seventeen separate brushes with death, this has been praised to high heavens by pretty much everyone who has read it.  I have the highest of hopes for this one.

What non-fiction books do you want to read?

Daniella x


28th August 2018
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