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I know I won’t be alone in saying – I bought a lot of books at YALC. 

I went to YALC on Friday with no books in my possession (because I forgot to take the ones I wanted signing with me – rookie mistake) and I came home on Saturday with 8 books crammed in an adorable BKMRK branded tote bag (as well as enough bookmarks to last me about 10 years).   I will try to get a blog post up about the books I bought within the next week or so, just in case anyone would like some inspiration on what they would like to read next.

Anywho, I digress…  Let’s get to the actual point of this blog post!

As you have probably gleaned from the title, I am participating in #YALCathon this weekend.  If you have no idea what that is, it’s is a readathon happening over this weekend and is being hosted by Kate and Hollie.  The aim of this weekend’s readathon is to read some of the books bought at YALC, or if you didn’t go to YALC, the books you have bought recently.  I am joining in so I can read some excellent books as well as justify the amount of money I spent.  No regrets. 

This weekend, I will be reading…

YALCathon - TBR - Don't Bend the Spine, UK Book Blog

Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes? by Holly Bourne

 Welcome to Camp Reset, a summer camp with a difference. A place offering a shot at “normality” for Olive, a girl on the edge, and for the new friends she never expected to make – who each have their own reasons for being there. Luckily Olive has a plan to solve all their problems. But how do you fix the world when you can’t fix yourself?

I am reading Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes? this weekend because not only is it a book I have chosen for my August TBR, it is also a book that I was incredibly excited about and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.   Considering it takes me about a month to write a coherent review, I am hoping that I will be able to get my review up around the same time as publication date (and not in six months time…).

YALCathon - TBR - Don't Bend the Spine, UK Book Blog

The Surface Breaks by Louise O’Neill

Deep beneath the sea off the cold Irish coast, Gaia is a young mermaid who dreams of being human… but at what terrible price?

Even though this isn’t a book I bought at YALC, I did meet Louise so that still counts, right?    The Surface Breaks is a feminist retelling of the original The Little Mermaid fairy tale, not the Disney adaptation!  From a quick look, the original fairy tale sounds a LOT darker than I had thought.   Also, I need to say that I am in love with this cover.  *swoons*.  I currently have this book on loan from the library, so I want to read it as soon as I can so that someone else can enjoy it. 

Even though I probably could have read more books, I have some #adulting to do around the house, so I think two books is the right balance of being able to enjoy a fantastic book as well as being able to do everything I need to.   The readathon started as of Friday 3rd August at 5pm GMT and it will run until Sunday 5th August at 11.59pm GMT.  

If you want to join in, please do!  Use the hashtag #YALCathon on Twitter and don’t forget to tell me what you are reading @dbtsblog.

Daniella x

4th August 2018
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