Dear Rosie Hughes by Melanie Hudson

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My third review in a month?  I don’t know what’s happening to me in 2019, but I like it.  Here are my thoughts on Dear Rosie Hughes by Melanie Hudson. 

Dear Rosie Hughes by Melanie Hudson

Dear Rosie Hughes by Melanie Hudson

Publication Date: 1st February 2019
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Review copy from Netgalley provided for free in exchange for an honest review
The best friendships are worth fighting for… It’s been fifteen years since Aggie’s friendship with Rosie Hughes ended abruptly. But now she’s heard from the village rumour mill that Rosie is off to war, she knows her best friend needs her more than ever – despite what’s happened between them in the past. As Rosie faces a desert full of danger and Aggie falls further from the path to love she’ so wants, the two friends write each other letters. The comfort in their shared words is an anchor to the life they knew before…and the only constant in a world as increasingly unpredictable as the wind.



It hasn’t escaped my attention that since I started book blogging, I have been reaching for YA and thriller novels more than ever.  As much as I love these two genres, it means I have been neglecting another genre I love; women’s fiction.  When HarperImpulse tweeted about their upcoming release, Dear Rosie Hughes by Melanie Hudson, I wanted to know more.  As soon as it was added to Netgalley, I put a cheeky request in and was delighted to be accepted a few hours later.

Oh, my Jesus Christ, Rosie.  I’ve just found out you’ve gone to war!  Before I go on, it’s me, Aggie Braithwaite.  (I know it’s been an uncomfortably long time since we spoke.)

When Agatha Braithwaite hears that her childhood best friend Rosie Hughes has joined the army, she reaches out to her, despite the fact they haven’t spoken for a number of years due to a falling out.  It turns out that Rosie had been missing her old friend too, and it isn’t long before they enter into a regular correspondence.  With Rosie being in a war zone and Aggie in a remote Scottish village, their letters help them to reconnect and rebuild their friendship, and with each letter sent, it’s like they had never lost touch in the first place.

Told solely through letters and emails, Dear Rosie Hughes is an uplifting and heartwarming story about the power of friendship.  Discard any preconceptions about the style of storytelling as I can assure you it still packs the same amount of emotion that a traditional novel would.  When it comes to this book, there is more to it than what meets the eye and I think it will take a lot of people by surprise – in a good way!  Even though the story primarily focuses on the letters between Rosie and Aggie, we also read letters from Rosie’s parents, brother and even her medic colleague Gethyn… and many more.  *mysterious music* I also want to say that I loved that the story was set in a small Yorkshire village.  More books set in God’s Own Country, please and thank you!

One of the (many) things that I enjoyed very much about Dear Rosie Hughes was how easy it was to get into, and how it flowed so well.  Don’t you just it hate when you need to read 50 pages of a book before it gets going?   I raced through this book, grumbling at any time I had to set the book aside for adulting and other life commitments.   When will I find a job that pays me to read all day? #seriousquestion

From the first chapter, Aggie’s unique voice leapt off the page and into my heart.  I immediately fell in love with her as a character, and after I finished the book I desperately wanted more Aggie adventures.   A spin-off, please?   I also have to give a special mention to our heroine Rosie, who was such a deliciously complex character.  Her story, and what she had been through, made my heart physically ache and added nuance to the overall story.   I wasn’t aware that Melanie Hudson had actually personally served in the British Armed Forces, so her experience ensured Rosie’s story was told in a genuine and authentic way without unncessary military jargon.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dear Rosie Hughes to fellow fans of the genre.  It was the perfect book to curl up with during these cold winter nights.  What will I read now?  If you can, find the time to read this book in one sitting as you won’t want to tear yourself away.  Dear Rosie Hughes has reignited my love for the women’s fiction genre and I can’t wait to dive back in and catch up on the books that I missed, especially those published by HarperImpulse. *wink*

Rating:  4* | Recommend? Yes

28th January 2019
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